My name is Kathy and I have an analog soul

Better in Black and White

Recently I have been going back through my photographic archives. I have brought up images that I thought were okay and converted them to black and white and I loved them.  I was amazed that this simple conversion could make me go from “like” to “love” with a simple Ctrl/Alt/Shift/B stroke.

"Rue Bourbon" shot with Pentax ZX-5

It started with my aforementioned images from New Orleans and more recently some that I had taken with my pseudo Rollei Pearl River twin lens reflex camera.  I had some shots from our Fisheating Creek, Florida camping trip and some others from that camera.

"Emerging" shot with Pearl River TLR

And just the other day, I picked up a roll of film from the processors that I shot in my Olympus XA (c-41 that I don’t develop at home) that was color.  I got home with it and didn’t even scan it as color, I went straight to black and white…and the images were great!  I’m amazed at how much just doesn’t work as well in color and once it’s made black and white, it becomes “art.”

"Alfa I" shot with Olympus XA

So, from now on, I am only going to be using black and white film (unless I get a crazy good deal somewhere) and process myself.  That way, there’s no question…it’s black and white and that’s it.  Also, the film itself is predominantly less expensive and home developing also is much more reasonable in the long run.  I am the “starving artist,” after all 😉

2 responses

  1. Libor B.Tezky

    Hi Kathy,My name is Borek and 57old man.I love analogy B&W photography.I have darkroom with Omega DII,Opemus 6 and more.Yesterday I did sephia toninng 3 photos.My motto is-we make photography,we dont make digital pictures.
    I love portrets and kids face.My cameras,Pentaxs’Minolta,Brownie No2,Zeiss Ikonta and more.I am repair Ponny Premo 1908.I love darkroom-it is beautifule relax.
    Good luck and Hi

    2011/03/10 at 9:27 am

  2. That’s great Borek! Congratulations on having a darkroom and printing yourself…it takes special people to do such things these days 😉 I’m setting mine up…have two enlargers (one Bogen and one Krokus) that I’m going to test out and see which one to keep (most likely the Bogen). I just need to figure out how to set up trays in my little bathroom…thinking of using plastic shelving in the bathtub 😉

    2011/03/10 at 10:50 am

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